Navigating living with a spinal cord injury

Resuming life after a spinal cord injury isn’t easy. Navigator is here to offer one-to-one and peer support to quickly answer any questions you might have. From advice on wheelchairs, to adaptive equipment for home and daily living. As well as bladder management, nutrition, sports or sexual function advice.

Your Navigator will guide you to the resources and support you need.

Benefits of the Navigator Program

The comprehensive offering provided by Navigator consists of the guidance of a one-to-one expert and a digital portal of helpful resources. Consider Navigator to be the all-encompassing tool people living with an SCI can utilize to successfully live on their terms. Here’s what it provides:


One-to-one support from a trained Navigator via live chat, telephone or email. Peer support from our trained team members who have spinal cord injuries.


Access to our digital portal of helpful resources on living with a spinal cord injury. Including home modification, financial support, getting back to work and much more.


Specialist bladder management medical supplies, delivered by ABC Medical. From stoma bags to catheters to skin and wound care.

Register for the Navigator spinal cord injury support service

• One-to-one support from a trained, personal Navigator
• Access to our digital portal of helpful resources
• Medical supplies delivered by ABC Medical