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Specialist wound care, incontinence, and bladder and bowel management prescription medical supplies, delivered by ABC Medical for your Spinal Cord Injury needs.

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ABC Medical: Specializing in Free Home Delivery of Medical Supplies for Spinal Cord Injury Care

ABC Medical is a home medical supplier dedicated to supporting customers with spinal cord injury. ABC Medical specializes in catheters, incontinence products, ostomy supplies, and wound dressings. A variety of brands and product lines are available and patient choice is always respected. The ABC Medical team can answer your product questions and will work with your insurance and healthcare provider to ensure timely, accurate product delivery. Below you can find information about some of the spinal cord injury care items available from ABC Medical.

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Catheters & Catheter Accessories

 ABC Medical is a leader in home delivery of catheters. ABC Medical carries catheters and catheter accessories from Coloplast, Cure, Hollister, Bard, Rusch, LoFric, MTG, Convatec and others. ABC Medical’s catheter product options include:

  • Intermittent catheters

  • Foley catheters

  • External catheters

  • Female catheters

  • Pediatric catheters

  • Leg bags, bedside drainage bags and connection tubing

  • Sterile Saline

  • Insertion supplies, including BZK wipes, betadine wipes and lubricant

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Continence Care Products

ABC Medical carries incontinence care products and bowel program accessories from Cardinal, Coloplast, TENA, Attends, Reassure, Aloe Vesta and others. ABC Medical’s continence care product options include:

  • Underpads (chucks pads)

  • Pull-ups, diapers and briefs in adult and child sizes.

  • Absorbent underwear pads

  • Cleansing wipes, disposable washcloths and gloves

  • Lubricant

  • Ph-balanced skin cleansers

  • Protective skin moisturizers, ointments and creams

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Ostomy Bags & Stoma Care Products

ABC Medical carries ostomy bags and other stoma care products from trusted brands such as Hollister, Coloplast, Convatec, Cymed and Marlen. A certified ostomy nurse is available to provide support to individuals with ostomy care questions or product concerns. ABC Medical’s ostomy product options include:

  • 1-piece and 2-piece pouches (stoma bags) for colostomy, ileostomy or urostomy stomas

  • Stoma paste

  • Barrier rings

  • Barrier extenders

  • Protective wipes

  • Adhesive remover

  • Lubricating deodorant

  • Ostomy support belts

  • Colostomy irrigation supplies

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Wound Care Products

ABC Medical carries basic wound care supplies for minor wounds or surgical incisions as well as advanced wound care products for chronic or complex wounds such as pressure injuries (bedsores). A certified wound nurse is available to answer questions about wound products. ABC Medical’s wound care product options include:

  • Gauze 2x2s, 4x4s, drain sponges, bordered gauze and gauze rolls

  • Medipore tape, waterproof tape, cloth tape, paper tape and hypoallergenic tape

  • ABD pads and other specialty absorptive dressings

  • Transparent films

  • Foams, bordered foams and antimicrobial foams

  • Alginate and hydrofiber, with or without silver

  • Collagen dressings

  • Wound gels and hydrogels

  • Hydrocolloids

  • Compression wrap supplies

  • Wound cleansers

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